Thursday, July 23



Many well reasoned words have been penned heretofore in on-going attempts to illustrate the profound correlation between the recognized injustices of slavery and the current government sanction through Constitutional Law of a "woman's right to choose" whether or not she of her own free will elects to bring a confirmed pregnancy to full term or terminate the unborn infant in the womb. Ask any Pro-Choice (a.k.a - Pro-Abortion) if she believes that the purposeful enslavement of another human being - to deprive that individual of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -  is morally and ethically wrong and the resounding answer would be "No." But to inquire of this same individual whether or not by terminating a pregnancy this very same moral and ethical standard would also be in effect, the response would not be likewise.There is no logic to this reasoning, but only defense of the indefensible. Whereas the first is a declaration for life and human potential, the second is a hollow argument for personal privacy. In this country both of these ideals of citizenship are constitutionally protected, but the question remains, which of the two takes precedent over the other? 

When slavery in the rural south ruled unchallenged the fodder of its underpinning were not even recognized as persons. At best they were merely "property," to be bought and sold at will. At worse they were regarded as sub-human, to be beaten beyond what even a dog or work mule would be subjected to endure, dehumanized with derogatory labels of inferiority; "exactly intermediate between the superior order of beasts such as elephant, dog and orangutan, and European or white men," or "agents of Satan." Today the Pro-Abortion proponents freely utilize the same tactic in dehumanizing the unborn, callously classifying them as "Abortus, conceptus, gobblets of meat, masses of protoplasm, human waste, a loathsome plague, a hideous affliction."  Now Planned Parenthood has even taken a page out of the slave trade by allegedly marketing to the highest bidder the by-products of salvageable organs of the aborted, late-term infants. If these allegations prove valid, Planned Parenthood's slogan, "Care No Matter What" takes on a deeper, hideous connotation that denotes that due care and diligence shall be faithfully prescribed to transform their status as a non-profit organization to sustainable profitability.  

The irrefutable correlation between the immorality of slavery of old and the unabated practice of pre-birth infanticide today may be refuted but it cannot in moral conscience be denied. In the 1973 when the Supreme Court decision in the case of Roe V. Wade became constitutional law, approximately fifty-five million unborn human infants have been deprived the right and privilege of life, liberty and the promised pursuit of happiness, also affirmed and protected by both the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution that guarantee that "no person shall be deprived of life without due process of law."  

Much justifiable lip-service has been ascribed to labeling slavery as American's "original sin." Historic verified estimates place the number of African born persons at 500,000 who were transported by force to the shores of this fledgling nation to endure and prevail daily for generations the cruel injustices and deprivations inflicted upon them to sustain an economic and social life style that enriched the few on the backs of the many. A great civil war was engaged in this country, wherein 750,000 lives were lost to only begin to settle the question of human equality for all that continues in fits and starts today.  Those 500,000 and those 750,000 lives expended are never to be regarded as having been spent frivolously, but they pale in comparison to the 55 million unborn children whose beginnings were deliberately aborted before their first gasp of air. 

It has been 42 years since Roe V. Wade was enacted into law. Will it be another 42 years and another 55 million aborted human lives before America's second on-going greatest sin against humanity will be relegated to a sad, appalling footnote in the annals of history? It is not time?  It is not long overdue that this nation throw off the thin veil of the corrupted privacy excuse for this on-going mass murder of the unborn and to begin in earnest a groundswell of support for a Right To Life Amendment to the Constitution of the United States? Continue to turn a blind eye to these legalized atrocities and the American conscience of life and liberty for all shall be awash in the blood of these precious lives yet to be. It is not time that this nation lives up to his proclaimed heritage of freedom for all...even the unborn?  Isn't time for God's sake? Isn't it?   

For additional documentation of the correlation between slavery and abortion, see CHAPTER 86 - SLAVERY AND ABORTION: HISTORY REPEATS by the American Life League.. Link: