Tuesday, August 23


Our second doofus-in-charge managed to once again insert his rather sizable foot into his forever open mouth when during a speech in China this past week Vice President in charge of inane, stupid comments lauded the Chinese government's one-child per family policy. Apparently Biden's off-the-cuff comment, seen in some circles as merely being purposefully acquiescent to our nation's largest debt holder, would appear to have been providing tactic if not overt approval to government population control.

It seems that dim-witted Joe would sanction a government forcibly limiting the size of a nation's families in order to fit the government's budget, rather than trimming the national budget in order to fully serve the nation's families.

I for one, a Johnny-come-lately to the issue of family planning, would gladly henceforth endorse the notion of limiting the number of children within a family unit had Biden's mother and father exercised that option upon little Joey's conception. Since that obviously never occurred, the best I can hope for is that Joe will take the initiative to insert his genitals into his mouth from this point forward so as to prevent any future little Biden's from being loosed upon this earth. Darn... Too late...

Do mankind a gigantic favor, Joe. Just shut the hell up!

Thursday, August 18

"Got This Postcard....

The nation's economy is on the brink of going to hell in a very deep handbasket and our clueless President determines he is in need of an eleven day vacation in Martha's Vineyard. Good for him! I want him to practice being on vacation so that, God willing, there will be sufficient numbers of the unemployed and disenchanted voters, come next November, to present him with the realization that he is to be permanently on vacation beginning in early January of 2013. Enjoy your tax payer's underwritten reprieve, Mr. Obama. The clock is ticking...and we're counting the days.

Saturday, August 6

...And Now A Word From A Grateful Nation.