Tuesday, May 25

"Headed To That Point Of No Return..."

Here's a shocker... According to the latest Rasmussen poll released today, only 24% of the individuals surveyed "strongly approve" of the job Barack Obama is doing as president. Let me guess... Those would be the same people who have both of their hands thrust forward, palms up, looking for the continuation of their free ride at the expense of every other hard working, over taxed American citizen. Among this collection of hardcore free-loaders is no doubt the individual who, upon hearing that the health care bill had been passed into law, immediately rose from his second hand couch and rushed down to the the nearest walk-in clinic and demanded their free health care. "What do you mean I don't get treated for free? Obama promised!!"

This type of human sloth comprises the voter base on which Obama is counting on to stick with him come hell, high water, or massive amounts of oil sludge washing up upon the shorelines of our gulf states. These waste of human corpuscles, thank God, do not represent a sufficiently large enough number of potential voters to put this colossal mistake of a president back into office for a second term. But the millions of illegal aliens populating our fifty states might just turn the tide if Obama can somehow, with the help of his liberal Congressional acolytes, manage to ramrod an amnesty bill through Congress. Obama and his Democrat minions must lay awake nightly salivating like Pavlovian k-nines at the prospect of tabulating millions of pay back votes for granting unwarranted amnesty to the unimpeded tide of foreign rabble who have been suckling free of charge at our nation's social services breast. Thank God the clear-headed, law abiding citizens of Arizona had the fortitude to undertake the long over due task of exposing the current administration's obvious transparent scheme to look the other way while thousands more illegal aliens flood into their state and say resolutely "No More. The rule of law will be upheld and the inept federal government can 'Go to hell!'"

And now, lurking just below the murky surface of the Obama White House, comes the latest miscalculation of this imperial presidency; the ever growing revelation that a potential bribe was in the offing in the form of a promise of a high raking position in the Obama administration, which would be forthcoming if Representative Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) would withdraw his Senatorial candidacy to unseat incumbent Arlen Specter. Sestak declined the alleged approach, defeated Specter in the Pennsylvania primary, yet has repeatedly maintained such an offer was on the table. Subsequently, however, Sestak has declined to be more specific as to the who, what, when and wheres of the contact from within the Obama White House, suggesting instead that the other person or persons involved "need to explain whatever their role might be."

As expected, the White House has initiated it's oft used full damage control, attempting to minimize the matter by offering the pretense that nothing untold ever transpired. "Lawyers in the White House and others have looked into the conversations that were had with Congressman Sestak, and nothing inappropriate happened." Thus spoke White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, with tale-tale feathers spewing from the corners of his mouth as he tried to dissuade members of the press from entertaining the possibility that his fellow band of ravenous wolves had been inspecting the hen house. At stake is the potential that the alleged job offer may indeed run afoul of federal bribery laws, which, if such allegations prove factual and reach to the utmost echelons of the Obama administration, including perhaps the President himself, could rise to the level of being a prosecutable, impeachable offense. We can only hope...

Obama has been quoted as saying "Plug the damn hole!," in response to his personal frustration that the thousands of barrels oil spewing into the gulf day after day is soiling and interfering with his agenda to remake American into a socialist style European country. "We The People" couldn't agree with you more, Mr. President. We, who comprise the 76% of Americans who believe you are doing a brilliant job of running roughshod over the constitutional rights of all freedom loving Americans are continuing to do our determined and unwavering best to "Plug the damn hole!" Come November 8th we will undertake our electoral form of affirmative action by retaking control of Congress, relegate you to a lame duck, one term President and turn you out of office to languish in the dustbin of deplorable American history. The day of the final Rasmussen poll on your job approval evaluation is fast approaching. It shall be your day of reckoning and it can't come too soon to suit me.